Saturday, June 13, 2009


I know, it's been a long time since I've last updated.  Sorry.  So my last two months have been crazy!  The first weekend that all of my craziness happened, I went to Denmark and Sweden.  And then I went directly to the island (see previous post) for the week and followed that up with a trip to Amsterdam that weekend.  The following weekend (weekend 3 of being out of town), I went to Hamburg to the Hafenfest (bunch of ships, supposedly biggest Hafenfest in the world).  Weekend 4 was spend at my aunts.  Weekend 5 I went to Leipzig to visit Patricia and then we went to our final seminar in Berlin that whole next week.  That didn't end until Saturday.  Then the next weekend I went to Belgium, just because I hadn't been there yet.  This weekend I was going to be at my aunt's, but last minute that changed.  So here is my first weekend in a long time that I actually am in town.  And it was a four day weekend for me!

I really liked Denmark and Sweden.  The pastries in Sweden were amazing!  And addicting!  They were the best pastries I've had. 

DSCN3893 DSCN4081 The Little Mermaid (Copenhagen) and then a random one in Sweden

The island was amazing.  It was so pretty.  We also went to a national park that had chalk cliffs.  So beautiful.  I want to take Chris there someday.

DSCN4414DSCN4513  DSCN4582DSCN4631  Pictures on the island (Isle of Vilm)

 DSCN4778 DSCN4813  Pictures of Jasmund National Park (the chalk cliffs)

I went to Amsterdam to see the tulips, but Zach and I ended up at the beach.  The lines for the big tulip garden were so long, and that was just to get there!

DSCN5080DSCN5104 Windmills!!!

DSCN5118DSCN5057     Me on the beach and some building in Amsterdam

That's all for now.  I'll update again (hopefully soon) on the rest of my travels the past couple of months.  And be expecting pictures on facebook in about a month or so.




McElprangs said...

Hey! How the heck are you? You're in Germany!? Lucky ducky!

Kimberly said...

I love those picture. There so pretty! I can't wait to see them all when you come home :)