Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living in Bonn

I'm so glad that the dorms here are just one person per room.  I do share the kitchen and bathroom with 4 other people.  In my hall, there are probably around 15 rooms.  I went to Ikea yesterday morning with my friend to purchase things for my room.  I bought some rugs, kitchenware, clothes drying rack (so German, I know), candles, and most importantly, trash cans!  I'm still waiting for my lights to be replaced (which haven't worked since I arrived here).  Though I do have 1 of the 3 that works.  But it is located near the sink.  Seeing as I have cabinets dividing my sink area between the rest of the room, I do not have much light that actually comes into my main area.  This is a little problematic when the sun starts to go down, as I cannot do anything that requires light.  But I did buy a desk lamp at Ikea, also, which is currently next to my bed.

My view is amazing!DSCN1519 DSCN1525

The first day of classes were yesterday.  I'm in the first semester program for agriculture.  The program consists of the following classes:  biology of plants and animals, ecology, information class about don't really know what yet, anatomy and physiology of animals, nutrition, math and statistics, and a various topics about agriculture class.  I'm very excited, especially about the anatomy class, since I've never taken it.  I probably won't go to math and statistics, seeing as I really only need 3 classes...

I don't have a student pass yet, so I've had to walk everywhere.  The student pass consists of free transportation.  Most of my classes are in this building that takes almost an hour to walk there.  It's good exercise and all, but I just don't feel like it when I have to leave by 7 to get to my first class.  I'm going to look into buying a bike.  I believe there's a bike market going on this weekend, but I don't have enough money to buy one yet.